About me

photo of Liz GilbertGrant smiling

Lovely to meet you! I’m Liz. I’m dedicated to finding simple ways for you to have great health, while having fun and enjoying life. I offer classes and seminars specifically to help you find your way to a vibrant health.

From a young age, Liz GilbertGrant has always had a desire to understand what makes a happy and healthy human being.  She is passionate about the different ways she can contribute to the world and help make it a better place for herself and everyone around her.

Liz’s prime focus is on the wellbeing that can be derived from nature and living naturally. This includes our body, mind and spirit. It can be fun, inclusive of the whole family, and life changing. Nature provides perfect ingredients and we can create unlimited combinations from them.

Wherever we are in life, it is the perfect place to begin to create our lives exactly the way we would love to. Contact Liz to discover how raw food and great spirit can help you achieve a full healthy life.

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