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Taking Back Our Earth

February 2, 2014 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm (2014-02-02)

Taking Back Our Earth

Simplify your life and change the earth

The Taking Back Our Earth workshop will give you the tools to create ripples of change around you and move away from artificial foods into a simpler, easier and more fulfilling life. Liz shows you recipes that allow you to:

  • Spend 60% less time in the kitchen and more time with your family
  • Create family meals in minutes with no cooking
  • Have your family feeling more energetic and spirited through good food
  • Support real food growers and send GM and artificial food industries bankrupt
  • No more worrying and stressing about food and family health
  • Create delicious meals with 6 ingredients or less and in under ten minutes!

Stop playing their game and create your own

This workshop will shift your mindset into an incredible new movement that is being created all around us. We’re moving back into a world community and taking the power away from companies and industries. Find out how making good meals from real food can create a new supply and demand for a better earth, simplify your life, take you out of the kitchen and into the world and leave your family feeling energetic and amazing for the rest of their lives.


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Today I had the absolute pleasure in attending Liz's Introductory Raw food Class - It has been the best two hours! I feel totally inspired... Thanks Liz for delivering the class with so much love and genuine appreciation. Meg Filip
What an eye opener - amazing meals in minutes that taste fantastic and are so good for you! In three hours I have pages of recipes and a head full of inspiration... looking forward to creating magic in the kitchen! Thank you, Debbie Coles
Everything was absolutely incredible. Your ideas and knowledge have blown my mind and opened my eyes to a wondrous thing. Thank you! Annabel