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Emotional Healing: One-to-One Sessions with Liz


Emotional healing one-to-one session. Work personally with Liz to free yourself from stress, heal relationships and make changes in your life with ease and joy. One session generally lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.

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Product Description

Personal One-To-One Emotional Healing Sessions are now available with me, Liz GilbertGrant. Huge change can be made in just one small session. One session generally lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.

Emotional Healing Testimonial - Trevor HendyA testimonial from Trevor Hendy, Iron Man World Champion and family man

“To say that Liz helped me turn my life around is a complete understatement.  She inspired me, listened to me, reached deep inside of me and helped me find things that i never knew were there. I am eternally grateful for this amazing lady and after waking up to the life of purpose that I now have, I realised that I was always meant to meet Liz at that time and that in itself has given me an understanding of just how amazing life is and just how amazing she is.  Thank You Liz for being my lifesaver”.

I am not a psychologist or a registered traditional counsellor. I am simply a person who can change the way you perceive your life. Guidance and counselling does not have to be invasive or feel ‘by-the-book’. My personal guidance and emotional healing sessions heal relationships, inner and outward issues in a fluid and natural way.

This is not traditional guidance or counselling. I will not sit you on a chair and tell you there is something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. As a human being you are perfect. You have the power to change yourself and your situation with the click of fingers. Sometimes it just takes a chat with someone who can feel your thoughts on the same wavelength and take the emotional healing journey with you.

In my experience all that is needed to create amazing change in your life is a little support and a new way of thinking about your world and your loved ones.

After you book online I will call you to see what you are looking to achieve from the session and when you would like to arrange for me to arrive.

Emotional healing in relationships

If you and your partner are feeling discontent we can make big changes to your situation. Many people give me feedback about how their relationships healed amazingly quickly after a short session. Sessions don’t need to include the second partner in the same room.

I have had amazing success with people in the past – some even return to my door weeks later, crying from happiness because they have emotionally reconnected with their partner so deeply.

Changes you can make during the session:

  • Create a shift into the emotional healing and wellbeing dynamic of your whole family with ease and joy
  • Free yourself from stress
  • Address and free any personal limitations

Sessions with me are a joyful, free experience designed to explore and create new areas of your life that will support your journey into a future of great love and wellbeing. I look forward to sharing our time together.

One session generally lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.

Feedback from people

Emotional Healing Testimonial - Zoe Tuckwell-smith

“Being around Liz is like standing at the pinnacle of a mountain with the wind blowing, your arms outstretched and courage in your heart that anything is possible. Raw food is just a starting point for her in offering people a chance to feel greater love, vibrancy and zest for life! A true pioneering heart who inspires through action not just words.” – Zoe Tuckwell-Smith, Australian Actress

Emotional Healing Testimonial - Elly “Liz has a gift for bringing clarity, simplicity, emotional healing and love into everything she does and everyone she meets. Every experience I’ve had with Liz has clearly and simply brought me back to centre, to life, to love.” – Elly Prendergast, Gold Coast mum

Emotional Healing Testimonial - Amanda“My partner and I were struggling in our relationship, luckily found Liz! Liz was honest, open, and genuinely passionate about helping us and giving us strategies to bring real love back to our relationship.” – Amanda Driesson, teacher

Emotional Healing Testimonial - Lisa Darveniza

“Liz is a masterful counsellor, bringing strength and compassion to her sessions. If you have not worked with Liz before you are in for a real treat. Bring any areas in your life that you are wanting to improve and watch the magic happen. I have met many healers in my time and Liz is one of the best. She reminds us all that life can be wonderful! Thanks Liz.” – Lisa Darveniza. Director of Mana Blend

Emotional Healing Testimonial - Christina

“Liz GilbertGrant is one of the most influential women I have ever known. Her love for people and her depth of feeling are powers that imbue all that she does with what I can only describe as a shining, golden, pale pink light of love. The wisdom and love clarity that she shares with others via the unbelievable food that she prepares is what carries her purpose through.” – Christina Charlie, Australia

Emotional Healing Testimonial - Sharon

Liz’s infectious enthusiasm spreads quickly and she is so generous with her wisdom. She also has a rare gift…….she genuinely wants to help everyone she meets, literally. She absolutely lives what she teaches and is a shining beacon of health and vitality. If you ever get a change to attend a workshop please do whatever it takes to get there. You will be blown away with how a few changes to diet can effect your life forever. I’m truly blessed to count Liz as a dear friend and mentor. She is one of a kind and we need more like her in this world.” – Sharon Millington, Business Coach

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