Healthy Snacks for Kids: Superfood Treats (Recipe eBook)

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Healthy snacks for kids who refuse to eat healthy food. These easy superfood treats recipes can be made with a minimum of time and ingredients.

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Healthy snacks for kids the naturally easy way

Do your kids refuse to eat healthy food? Do you have picky eaters and difficult little food critics? Do you see health problems rising in your child but feel powerless to convince them to eat well and live well? Do you want raise healthy kids without the dramas and tantrums?

You’re not alone. Millions of parents find themselves in this situation. Right now an entire generation of children are having to deal with a myriad of problems; onslaught from the media, fast food companies and advertising are overriding us as parents who want to see our kids grow up healthy and joyful. It’s becoming too easy to give up and hope your kids find a way out of the maze by themselves. It’s hard to find healthy snacks for kids without the artificial flavours, colours and additives that often aren’t shown in the ingredients list.

What would you say if we told you there is an easy and fun way to help your fast-food kids feel good again? There is a way. It is the most beautiful and natural journey you can take. This eBook will show you how to bring your kids into a healthy lifestyle without force or persuasion. It’s full of healthy snacks for kids that can be made with a minimum of time and ingredients.

This eBook includes:

  • 15 amazing healthy snacks for kids recipes designed to help you introduce good food to your kids
  • Every recipe gluten free, dairy free and simply made in under ten minutes
  • Inspiration and tips on your journey to healthy kids

Is it just about food? Not really. Food aside, at a fundamental level the information in this eBook will help you reconnect with your kids on a level of close love and compassion.

How is the modern diet affecting kids?

At this point in history there are phenomena that our generation never had to deal with before. We have no idea what impacts technology and modern culture are having on our children. We also are not provided with any understanding of how a modern diet is affecting our children. We have no way of knowing how all this is affecting our children spiritually, mentally and emotionally. They seem to retreat from us and the world as they grow older.

We can’t pretend we understand what is happening for our kids these days. The good news is that we don’t actually have to fight against anything to bring our children into a healthier area of their lives. We don’t need to persuade them or force them to do anything they don’t want to do. Here’s the situation as we know it:

  • Your kids will clam up and retreat from you if you try to force them to do something they don’t want to do.
  • Your kids are dealing with issues our generation never had to deal with before.
  • You cannot convince them to eat healthy through persuasion or force.

Trying to convince your kids to do anything is impossible once they reach a certain age. Just like adults they buy junk food based on emotion not logic and they do not appreciate it when you declare they are eating the ‘wrong’ food. If you want to reach your kids on a healthier level you first need to connect with them on an emotional level.

As a parent don’t take it personally that your kids may give you a hard time around food. It’s not a direct attack from them. It is simply their way of dealing with the effects processed foods have on them.

The secret to healthy kids

This eBook gives you the tools you need, many of which are already natural to you as a parent. Here’s the secret to turning fast-food addicts into good food lovers:

  • Compassion and love without judgement, and
  • Alternatives to processed foods that are even yummier.

It’s truly as easy as that.

Healthy Snacks For Kids: Superfood Treats has been created to help you walk this path. Raising healthy kids is easier than you think and it’s never to late for a child of any age to make new decisions without hard persuasion or force from you or anyone else.

Try these healthy snacks for kids and be surprised at how delicious and irresistible they can be to your kids (and yourself!).

What difference do healthy snacks for kids make?

Spectacular changes can occur to children who start eating healthy:

  • Mood swings drop away
  • Compassion and reconnection with family and friends
  • Less likely to get viruses going around
  • More clarity and sparkiness
  • Better able to manage friendships
  • Easier learning
  • More creativity

The moment processed foods are replaced with healthy snacks for kids, the body can lift itself out of the haze. Your child can start to live truly and freely as a human being and will actually notice the effects junk foods have on them.

The Healthy Snacks for Kids: Superfood Treats eBook is a lifesaver pocketbook for those having trouble reaching their kids with healthy food. It’s designed to offer inspiration and recipes that will help make the journey easy and rewarding.

If you are a parent who would love to see your children grow into healthy kids and healthy people this eBook is yours with love.

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