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Get your friends together for a fun feast!

I’m Liz GilbertGrant and I have created the Raw Food Party to surprise and delight your friends with amazing food that supports your body. You gather a small to large group of your friends and family. I’ll bring everything else – food, prizes, gifts and goodies – so you can experience a huge range of incredibly yummy raw food dishes in a joyful celebration.
Discover ways of getting your health on track, losing weight and eating as much as you want at the same time!

What’s involved

You and your friends will be inspired to:
  • Walk towards your ideal health,
  • Happily, easily, simply and without any effort influence the people around you in a positive way,
  • Build a supportive group of people that will walk with you on your journey to health,
  • Sample a delicious feast of up to 30 incredible raw, gluten free and dairy free dishes!

There will also be gifts, goodies and prizes.

The class will go for 3 hours and include a feast of up to 30 dishes. Taste sumptuous entrees, mains and delightful desserts. Eat your way to joyous health, and lose weight while eating an abundance of fresh food.
$110 per person PLUS FREE entry for the host (you!) when you invite 5 or more people. Bonus free entry for a guest as well if you invite 10 or more friends. Includes all food and prizes



Liz,today has been a huge eye-opener to a whole new way of living. I absolutely loved the whole experience.I am feeling very inspired to go home and to also share with those around me. Thanks for your wisdom. –Craig, Leanda and Liz, Gold CoastThat was the most amazing workshop I have EVER BEEN TO. Thoroughly enjoyed, loved how long it went for and how many recipes we learnt. Also loved the “talks” along the way. All the best on your journey and i will see you soon,

Amanda. xxx

Thank you Liz, loved not only the wonderful recipes but also your passion and inspiration behind food, body and mind connection. Look forward to starting this journey and keeping in contact via website, phone or email. Thanks again,

Judy – Gold Coast

Fantastic, informative and very inspiring.

Aysha Monticone, Lennox Head

I love the way Liz teaches using her creative intuition with her beautiful loving personality.

Chris Roberts, Palm Beach

Liz’s vibrancy comes out in her teaching. She has really given me incentive to begin a raw food diet.

Sandy Crawford, QLD

Very earth-felt, easy to prepare food. Liz is very passionate and it comes through in her food. Love it.

Magda Butterworth, Southport

Hi Liz, your enthusiasm is infectious.I’ve learnt to extend my raw food life. I am beginning to understand the communing of growing nutrient rich food to the preparation for life.

Love, Terry.

Amazing food. Presented in a manner that is easy to digest and embrace. Your ability to include life skills in your presentation adds an amazing “twist” and benefit. Thank you, Much gratitude.

Mica Teale, QLD

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