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Liz GilbertGrant is available to talk to your organization or group, to inspire great positive changes in the dynamics of the people in your team.
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How Liz could change your group or organization

Liz GilbertGrant is available to talk to your organization, group or employees at your location.

If you are looking to enhance the lives of your team, group, or people in your organisation, Liz GilbertGrant can inspire great change. Her ability to create rapport, feel the needs of the individual and communicate into the heart of what is limiting people emotionally has changed the lives of many.

Liz’s inspirational talks have a well-known ability for touching the lives of people in all walks of life. Inspire shifts in the dynamics of your group such as:

  • People becoming more aware of each other and realigning with the organization’s goals
  • Humanity being rekindled among the group, allowing the team to function more harmoniously as a community
  • The talents of each individual will be brought forward and recognized, allowing new hidden skills to contribute to the team
  • Individuals being inspired to love their work and lifestyles, increasing productivity

With over 20 years of experience working with people and creating change, Liz is masterful in the art of inspiring movement. She believes in allowing people to take back their own power through a self-created shift in awareness. Often this change is so profound in its simplicity that its physically almost unnoticeable – It’s like learning to breathe again.

Liz GilbertGrant’s ability lies in working one-on-one with people and also communicating with large groups. She stands in the premise that human beings are compassionate, kind, generous and intelligent at heart and uses this as a starting point for inspiring others.

Liz’s Inspirational Talks are for organizations who want to nurture and expand the humanity of their organization. When this inspiration is truly in place, the organization’s profitability will naturally match its newfound positivity.

For price, call to enquire. Phone Liz on 0468925527


Zoe Tuckwell-SmithBeing around Liz is like standing at the pinnacle of a mountain with the wind blowing, your arms outstretched and courage in your heart that anything is possible. Raw food is just a starting point for her in offering people a chance to feel greater love, vibrancy and zest for life! A true pioneering heart who inspires through action not just words.  Zoe Tuckwell-Smith, popular actress

Lisa DarvenizaLiz has spent her lifetime gathering all the information that benefits individuals to live better lives. From how to take care of the body to exciting and uncommon understandings of the universe at large. She is a wealth of such information which she shares SO generously. She is a masterful counsellor, bringing strength and  compassion to her sessions. If you have not worked with Liz before you are in for a real treat. Bring any areas in your life that you are wanting to improve and watch the magic happen. I have met many healers in my time and Liz is one of the best. She reminds us all that life can be wonderful! Thanks Liz.  Lisa Darveniza. Director of Mana Blend

 Cheryl YamazakiA person of unsurpassable integrity, honesty with an immense love of people and the planet, Liz creates from her heart to provide he best possible outcomes for the people she works with. I have learned so much from Liz over the years, both directly and from her demonstration in the way she conducts her life – a true Lady who walks her talk. There are very few people in this life that you can really count on – although it is changing – but Liz is one of those rare beings. In whatever you’re considering if Liz says she can help…………..she can. Go very well. Much love Cheryl Yamazaki xo


Miriam WestonWhen it comes to understanding people, Elizabeth is amazing. Coupled with perceptiveness with a loving and caring spirit, you can feel yourself becoming a new person filled with hope, love and peace. I highly recommend Elizabeth to all people, with or without issues or problems. I always feel so positive around Elizabeth with every hope that I can change and improve my attitude towards love and nature. – Miriam Weston, QLD


Elly-80x80It’s not often in life that you meet someone who lives, breathes and IS what they believe in. Liz Gilbert Grant is one such rare person. She has a gift to bring clarity, presence, simplicity, health and above all else love into everything she does and everyone she meets.  Every experience I’ve had with Liz has clearly and simply brought me back to centre, to life, to what matters most, to love. There are those that can teach you knowledge, and then there is Liz, whose very presence and company is a shining example and inspiration. You will find yourself transformed into a greater version of you just by being with her. My life is infinitely brighter and more connected since I’ve met Liz, and no matter what it is you seek, I guarantee you will enjoy the journey more fully and find the quickest way to your goals and to your self with Liz by your side – Elly Prendergast, QLD


Trevor HendyI first came across Liz at a time in my life when I was having a lot of wins but also a lot of unexplainable losses. The worse thing was that the losses were in all of the really important areas, relationship, family, love in general. To say that Liz helped me turn my life around is a complete understatement. She inspired me, listened to me, reached deep inside of me and helped me find things that i never knew were there. Of course she helped me weed out all the rubbish but more importantly she helped me find the real me that was buried behind it. I am eternally grateful for this amazing lady and after waking up to the life of purpose that I now have, I realised that I was always meant to meet Liz at that time and that in itself has given me an understanding of just how amazing life is and just how amazing she is. Thank You Liz for being my lifesaver. – Trevor Hendy, Iron Man World Champion

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