Optimum 9200 Blender
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Optimum 9200 Blender

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Product Description

Optimum 9200 Blender – What is it?

Optimum 9200 is a high quality domestic and commercial blender, with an extraordinary 3 Horse Power motor (2,238 Watts) able to easily withstand the toughest ingredients and outlast most other domestic blenders. The Optimum 9200 can quickly and easily emulsify fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and ice into a silky smooth texture which can be used to make soups, ice cream, nut butters and sauces. At a ground-breaking speed of 44,000 rpm the Optimum 9200 can also be used to grind grains and crush ice.

What can I make with my Optimum 9200?

Fruit smoothies: The Optimum 9200 is designed to make the best fruit smoothies in both domestic and commercial environments, crushing ice and fruits in seconds

Green smoothies: Kale, lettuce, celery, spinach, mints, cucumber, bananas or carrots, the Optimum will make sure your green smoothie is smooth and not fibrous

Grinding nuts and grains: The Optimum 9200’s 6-Blade assembly allows it to easily grind whole grains, beans, rice and kneading bread dough ready for the oven

What it Includes

– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Includes Postage!
– UL, CE and FDA approved jug with lid and cap (BPA Free Optional)
– Wet and dry multi-purpose 6-blade stainless steel assembly
– Heavy duty tamper tool for improved processing and mixing
– Access to expert support team
– 83-page comprehensive hard-copy recipe book
– Australia-wide service centres
– 5 year International Warranty

Optimum 9200 Features

  • Powerful Industrial High Speed 2,238 watt Motor!
  • Precision High, Med, Low & Pulse Functions
  • Heat-Resistant Polycarbonate Jug – Wet & Dry Applications
    Approved by FDA, UL and the European Commission for Food Safety (BPA Free Optional)
  • Staggering speed 44,000 rpm, able to freeze ice cream and heat soups
  • High quality tamper tool
  • Automatic blending options for smoothies (blends automatically for set period of time, perfect for juice bars and people on the run; 20, 30 & 45 seconds)
  • State of the art Two in One Stainless Steel 6-blade cutting assembly – Crushes ice, nuts and fruits in seconds
  • Premium Quality, Transparent, Virtually Unbreakable 1.5L or 2L polycarbonate container
  • Built-in sensor to detect over-usage; prolonging life of blender
  • Green Energy Consumption: Proprietary carbon brush motor only draws the power demanded

Official Optimum Website can be viewed here.

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