The Raw Christmas Feast eBook

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Leave the turkey, eat the mistletoe! Christmas desserts and dinners in the raw

No more cooking. No more plastic hampers. Take your Christmas back to simplicity, giving and love. Eat as much as you want and never feel tired or guilty. End your Christmas day feeling sparky and ready for the next!

Inspire yourself with a raw Christmas feast including favourites like No Egg Eggnog, Christmas Cakes, Sweet Lemon Flummery and the all-new melt-in-the-mouth Ferrero Rawchers. Christmas desserts and delights abound.

Get creative with adding your own variations and versions of these recipes. Make your own secret family recipes. Amaze your friends with amazing tasting raw versions of the traditional Christmas desserts and delights they love.

Christmas desserts with the health benefits of raw

Simplify your Christmas with this Raw Christmas Feast eBook and discover many amazing recipes. Awaken your love for flavour and enjoy giving unlimited chocolates and sweets to your family knowing how good it is for them!

Raw Christmas desserts are known for being a health-giving substitute for standard junk food. You will surprise yourself when you taste the yummy difference.

Take back your spirit, send back the shrink-wrapped plastic hampers and enjoy a Christmas made of love and joyful eating:

  • Learn to make Every Flavour Ice Cream and create unlimited delicious and healthy scoops of sweetness in any flavour you want
  • Try the gluten free, dairy free Garlic Bread as a tasty alternative
  • Make your own shortbread with twice the flavour of anything sold in the supermarkets
  • First course, Second course and Dessert course to delight your family

These recipes may have a Christmas front cover but they can be made for any festive event.

Liz: Inspiration, family events and joy without effort

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