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Raw Vegan Recipes: The Few Ingredients eBook

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Raw vegan recipes – Freedom in simplicity

Introduce yourself to the easy side of raw vegan food with The Few Ingredients Raw Recipes eBook. Each recipe in the book is made with six, five or four ingredients and tastes like a gourmet treat. All recipes are created to allow you to experiment with optional ingredients and create your own signature raw vegan recipes.

The easier side of raw

  • Begin to learn how to make raw food delights with whatever’s in your cupboard
  • Save yourself time on preparation and shop less
  • All new raw vegan recipes, dinners and desserts made with a minimum of ingredients
  • Use any recipe as a base for creating your own amazing secret family signatures

Forget about struggling with overcomplicated raw recipes. You are about to discover how simple and easy raw vegan recipes really are. If you are looking to simplify your life, take back some free time and save on shopping bills this eBook is just for you.

Includes 4 mains, 4 snacks and three desserts – all made with six ingredients or less. All recipes provide you an unlimited amount of options to experiment with and create your own unique tastes.

Raw vegan recipes don’t have to be complicated

If you have ever found raw vegan living to be a hard chore to keep up, I would love to be able to show you a new perspective. You don’t have to be a chef, a raw foodie or have any food prep skills at all to live easily and simply.

Making raw food is not like cooking. If you are cooking and you leave the stove on or mess up your temperature you have lost your food. With raw food you can experiment as much as you want and never go wrong. Even if you don’t end up with the result you intended you can still make something new out of the end result.

It’s an amazing journey. With The Few Ingredients Raw Vegan Recipes eBook, it can be an amazingly easy journey.

Liz on clarity, flavour and adding your own personality

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