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Relaxation Music CD: The Chimes Song – Touched


The Chimes Song – Touched is a deep relaxation music CD featuring the high definition, beautiful and mesmerising recordings of windchimes from the Gold Coast Australia.

Product Description

Pure Relaxation Resonance

We are inspired to bring the sound of these chimes to people. The resonance touches people deeply and brings an immediate sense of relief, relaxation & a remembering of something precious within us. The sound engages one in the present moment, an experience often missing in our busy lives.

Perfect during a massage; to bring about stillness; to create a relaxing ambience or as background music.

Our aim is to help people reawaken and reconnect with themselves & life itself – to live as their heart desires.

A WINDCHIMES ALIVE production made on the Gold Coast, Australia.

6 Tracks on the CD with a total playing duration of 61 minutes:

  • The Calling (8:46)
  • Resonance (10:11)
  • Contemplation (9:55)
  • Ocean Cleanse (10:00)
  • Synchronicity (10:33)
  • Coming Together (11:46)

Listen to Samples from the CD:

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