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Relaxation Music CD: Dorothea Healing Voice


Dorothea Healing Voice uses her voice to channel sound vibration energy for clearing, balance, healing and relaxation in this unique meditative CD.

Product Description

Pure Deep Relaxation Music

“When you are healed physically or emotionally you will have a sense of peacefulness inside you.

That is what I do. That is what I deeply desire to share with you through my singing.

Peacefulness. I hope you will feel it by listening to my music.

I have created relaxation music to help you deeply relax and get in touch with your own vibration.

I am using my voice to channel sound vibration energy.

You can connect with this vibration to clear, balance , heal and relax.” – Dorota Rozmus

About the Artist

More about Dorota- View Dorothea’s website

Relaxation Music ArtistAs a therapist with 15 years experience, Dorota’s method of relaxation and healing is focusing to create balance within a person’s mind and body as a whole. To achieve this she uses a combination of relaxation music, colour and visualisations with the most important factor, her voice, to sooth, heal and relax.

At an early age she enrolled in music schools and learned to sing and play the piano before ending her schooling as a vocalist in the Jazz & Pop music department of the Polish Academy of Music.

In later years Dorothea moved to Australia, and after winning the New Faces TV show competition she travelled all over the country to perform. It was here that she became aware of her gift for healing and relaxing people through her singing voice, colour and visualization.
With these changes she found within herself Dorothea moved back to Poland to help and heal people. She created TV shows and started workshops for people to go and relax with her relaxation music using colour and visualization.

Dorota created her own CD and DVD with healing relaxation music and images of nature.

Last few years she has been performing her Jazz Relaxing Concerts on the Costa del Sol in south of Spain. Being aware of her gift as sound vibration healer she has been study modern ways of quantum physics and how to use her voice in special ways as vibrational energy.

CD features 4 tracks with a total playing time of 70 minutes.

Listen to samples from the CD:

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