Gratitude by Rupert Guenther
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Relaxing Music CD: Gratitude


Lush meditative tracks for relaxation, listening and meditation, this is healing music with real depth & class to take you into feeling and connection with self.

Product Description

Take a sacred inner journey

Sublime inner-plane ascension journey. Here is music from two internationally respected and much sought-after musicians and channels for Spirit recorded live in concert together. Nine celestial and relaxing music tracks of beautiful, inspired and uplifting spontaneously composed music and meditative improvisations for listening, meditation and healing.

This relaxing music album is full of lush sounds and emotional depth. It is a collaboration between two accomplished healer-musicians: keyboardist Paul Armitage (Canada) and electric violinist Rupert Guenther (Australia). Every track gently is rich in the sounds of classical music, ancient civilisations and beyond. This CD bathes you in sacredness and opens up a restorative journey as the relaxing music unfolds. Recorded live in concert in Australia in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, and Mt Shasta USA.

The CD features 9 tracks with a total playing time of 67:24:

  • Divine Remembrance (10:10)
  • Surrender (5:24)
  • Humility (8:04)
  • Forgiveness (6:12)
  • Sacredness & Grace (7:15)
  • Joy To The World (8:07)
  • What Time Heals (6:19)
  • Courage (6:24)
  • Completion and Understanding (9:29)

Listen to relaxing music samples from the CD:

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